Guaranteed LTL Freight Shipping

For shipments that require a guaranteed delivery time

A red semi-truck carrying guaranteed L T L freight drives down a two-lane highway.Guaranteed LTL freight service ensures your shipment will arrive by the pre-determined time of your choice on the standard-service delivery day. PartnerShip has the connections to provide flexible, reliable guaranteed delivery service options throughout the U.S. and Canada to help you ship smarter and stay competitive.

Most LTL shipments are normally quoted with an estimated transit time. A guaranteed shipment is a service offered by freight carriers that ensures that your shipment will be delivered exactly when you specify.

The standard guaranteed delivery is a 5:00pm guarantee, meaning that your freight must be delivered by 5pm on the date of delivery you specify. The 5:00pm guarantee is the most common and most used guarantee. Another commonly used guarantee is the 12 Noon guarantee, where your freight must be delivered by 12 Noon on the specified date of delivery.

If your shipping includes delivering to retailers, PartnerShip can offer guaranteed arrival windows during regular business hours based on the standard-service delivery day. Arriving during your specified delivery window will eliminate fines or chargebacks for early or late deliveries, reduce your out-of-stocks and achieve higher fill rates, and will ultimately improve your vendor scorecard. That’s shipping smarter!

Guaranteed LTL shipping advantages:

  • » Guaranteed delivery by 5:00pm
  • » Guaranteed delivery by Noon (12:00pm)
  • » Guaranteed delivery window
  • » Peace-of-mind knowing your shipment will arrive when you specify
  • » Flexibility to meet your customer's delivery requirements
  • » In the rare event a shipment fails to deliver on-time, PartnerShip will refund your freight charges and help you with contingency measures

It’s easy to set up a guaranteed LTL freight shipment:

  • » If you don’t have a PartnerShip account, use our Quote form to get a no-obligation rate quote on your shipment, or call us at 800-599-2902, option 1
  • » If you’re ready to create an account, we’ll make the experience fast and easy
  • » If you have questions or need assistance, Contact Us and we’ll get back to you ASAHP (as soon as humanly possible)

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